Anyone planning to peer with these guys ?

Mark Evans evansm at CERF.NET
Fri Nov 21 03:20:47 UTC 1997

FWIW, In my years in telephony, past and present, I've always known the 
5ESS (5E) as a Class Five (end-office) Central Office switch.  The 
trailing numeric is usually indicative of the 'generic', or software rev. 
that the switch is operating on.

Exclusively voice, too ... although I haven't kept up on the more recent 
developments that come with the 5ESS-2000 platform/chassis.


On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, Bradley Dunn wrote:

> >    Technical Details: GTMI has established a national backbone which
> >    operates as a fully-meshed network operating at DS-3 speeds, and
> >    interconnecting, or "peering" with several other networks at undisclosed
> >    private peering points. Multiple Lucent 5E12 switches, capable of
> >    processing data using multiple protocols including Internet (IP)
> >    Protocol, will route the traffic through the network. Dr. Robert
> >    Elliot, Chief Technology Officer, was quoted as saying, "We are excited
> >    about employing the Lucent 5E12 switches in the new network
> >    architecture. It just proves that IP telephony is becoming a reality."
> Could someone more clued in on Lucent switches comment on this? I went to
> Lucent's web site and did a search for 5E12 and it returned nothing. I
> found some stuff on 5E11, which apparently is a new software release for
> the 5ESS-2000 switch.
> Bradley

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