Anyone planning to peer with these guys ?

John R Levine johnl at
Fri Nov 21 02:05:19 UTC 1997

Showed up on a mailing list, reportedly sent by Walt Rines from a Hotmail
account.  If they set up their own network, that's A-OK with me unless, of
course, someone foolishly connects it to the Internet. 

John Levine, postmaster at,, Trumansburg NY postmaster

Cyber Promotions/Quantum Communications

   Press Release

   Spam Backbone Formed

   The "Spam King," Sanford Wallace, and Walt Rines
   Have incorporated their new bulk-email friendly backbone network

   For Immediate Release:
   Philadelphia 11/20/97-- Sanford Wallace, Walt Rines and an undisclosed
   third party have formed Global Technology Marketing, Inc. (GTMI). The
   new corporation will offer direct , high speed T-1
   And T-3 Internet connections to companies that engage in mass
   commercial email. Currently, there are no other backbone providers that
   allow customers to send spam. GTMI will be offering connectivity
   contracts by the beginning of the next week.
   Sanford Wallace commented: "We are very excited about this new
   project. For the first time ever, Internet marketers will be encouraged
   to engage in direct advertising, a practice which is already accepted in
   the postal world." Walt Rines stated: "Finally, bulk emailers will have
   an opportunity to legitimize this new industry. We are going to prove
   that this explosive new market can be self-regulated."
   Technical Details: GTMI has established a national backbone which
   operates as a fully-meshed network operating at DS-3 speeds, and
   interconnecting, or "peering" with several other networks at undisclosed
   private peering points. Multiple Lucent 5E12 switches, capable of
   processing data using multiple protocols including Internet (IP)
   Protocol, will route the traffic through the network. Dr. Robert
   Elliot, Chief Technology Officer, was quoted as saying, "We are excited
   about employing the Lucent 5E12 switches in the new network
   architecture. It just proves that IP telephony is becoming a reality."

   More detailed information will follow within the week

   Sanford Wallace: 215-628-9705
   Walter Rines: 603-772-4096

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