Proper procedure to change route advertisement

James A. Farrar James.Farrar at
Thu Nov 20 23:24:30 UTC 1997

At 10:02 PM 11/20/97 +0700, Tony S. Hariman wrote:
>What is the proper procedure to change
>route advertisement for example from /20 to /19 ?
>Currently I just update radb and mci routing database.
>Also I send email to our upstream provider about the
>But now we have some connectivity problem with ANS and
>ANS customer.
>Any hint would be appreciated.
You might find this interesting:

Search for the section about the advisory field. I have not verified if
this still applies to ANS or not. 

In any case, it is my understanding ANS updates their routing policy
biweekly, (Tues and Thurs morning if I'm not mistaken) for what that is worth.

You can also open a ticket with MCI. MCI will in turn open a ticket with
ANS to have them update the policy however, usually the biweekly policy
update still applies.


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