Building a moderated nanog (was Re: hm..)

Martin Hannigan hannigan at
Tue Nov 18 23:45:38 UTC 1997

At 11:06 AM 18-11-97 -0800, Henry Linneweh wrote:
>Actually this list has been really good compared to some others. I think
>doing this on purpose to limit the list and basically destroy the good
>that develop here. I generally lurk and learn more than stating my opinion
>would not be to happy with the demise of the list...

Obviously, the list is/was being attacked. Some of the names 
here are obvious targets for the pro-spammers, booted customers,

I'd prefer a moderated list, but only in the sense that you have 
to be a list member in order to send email hence spam elimination
is pretty much done and said unless someone on the list spams
the list. 


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