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Tue Nov 18 18:23:37 UTC 1997

On Nov 17, Dalvenjah FoxFire <dalvenjah at> wrote: 

> Speaking of after hours contact folks as a matter of practice
> keep these on file, or do people still rely on the 'business phone' method
> of contacting people?

	For customers, we require contact info; once we've been place
	a little longer I'll probably send out periodic reminders (one
	per six months or so, most likely) asking people to check and
	make sure we've still got current information.

	Contact information is also required for peers, but for some
	reason that stuff becomes invalid more often, especially at
	the "big" backbones.  For those, we keep track of what worked
	last time we needed it, and hope it still works later.

> (This seems to be on topic; if I knew where to find a good cheap (free?)
> Cisco tutorial, I might even be able to tell you how to configure your
> router for it }:P .) -- dig around, the entire text of all (or
	at least most of) the books for the classes you'd take towards 
	becoming a CCIE are in there.

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