Building a moderated nanog (was Re: hm..)

Phil Howard phil at
Tue Nov 18 15:24:48 UTC 1997

James Rishaw busts through the QRM with...

> Something else that needs to be considered is blowing up the list (making
> smaller, distributed lists).  It takes hours sometimes for mail to go through
> the distribution.
> Sometimes, I'll post, and I'll get four, five, six replies before I see my
> post to the list bounce back this way.  It takes hours. :-(  Too long for a
> list where sometimes time-critical information is discussed.

A six hour delay because the list of addressess is too large?  That would
take tens or hundreds of thousands of addressess, or else some precisely
paced queueing logic, or a pathetically overloaded machine.

I vote for Tim Ramsey setting things up on his Listserv server, if for no
other reason than to just evaluate how well it works.  Let's give it a try
for a while.

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