Building a moderated nanog (was Re: hm..)

James Rishaw jamie at
Tue Nov 18 12:55:16 UTC 1997

Something else that needs to be considered is blowing up the list (making
smaller, distributed lists).  It takes hours sometimes for mail to go through
the distribution.

Sometimes, I'll post, and I'll get four, five, six replies before I see my
post to the list bounce back this way.  It takes hours. :-(  Too long for a
list where sometimes time-critical information is discussed.


Tim Ramsey wrote:
> Tim Harrison said:
> >I just got a whole bunch more too.  nanog being subscibed to different
> >mailing lists.
> >Someone *is* playing with us.
> <delurk>
> Perhaps it is time to moderate nanog.  Send postings to a team of
> moderators to screen for content before being approved for the list.  How
> strictly the screening would be applied and who would moderate would be up
> to the list.
> I can host such a list on K-State's Listserv server.  Listserv has all the
> tools needed to make this work.
> Is there any interest in this?
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