AGIS Signing up New Spammers

Eric M. Carroll ecarroll at
Tue Nov 18 01:35:37 UTC 1997

> That was beaten to death many years ago.  Nobody with a half neuron will
> argue for filtering or removal of those newsgroups on a large scale
> (now, i contend that a teeny weeny ISP can get away with it, but for large
> ISPs it just doesn't work).  The reason is very simple: the
> objectionable content will simply move to "legitimate" newsgroups.
> There is no way to prevent it.


This may be true in the US, but if you are in Canada, you must prune these
groups, particularly the kiddie porn, regardless of migration of content
or any other technical issue. And if customers complain, you must act on
them, instead of claiming some non-publisher status. I have been in way
more legal briefings than I care to admit on this issue, and its a done
deal here in Canada. If you do not act, as some smaller ISPs have not, you
are law enforcement cannon fodder. Kiddie porn busts make the major
networks' national news here, particularly when the Internet is involved.

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