AGIS Signing up New Spammers

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Tue Nov 18 02:18:39 UTC 1997

Phil Lawlor writes:
>>This is completely incorrect.  AGIS' AUP can be found at
> We
>>are vigorously enforcing our AUP.  AGIS will not sell connectivity to
>>businesses, and have not for some time.  We investigate all complaints
>>about AGIS' customers that are sent to abuse at  Spammers have
>>terminated, and will continue to be as long as I run this company.

So this evenings trace, which timed out, to a ubiquitous spam host
'' does
NOT feed through Oh, is under investigation. Oh,
well. I guess
more 'evidence' needs to be gathered... How long do these
'investigations' last, pray tell?
Uh - huh...
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40
byte packets
 1  us
 2  them
 3  them
 4  191.ATM10-0-0.XR1.EWR1.ALTER.NET (  3.785 ms 
-73.863 ms  -59.178 ms
 5  193.ATM1-0-0.CR2.EWR1.ALTER.NET (  -19.172 ms  2.073
ms  -2.8 68 ms
 6  Hssi1-0.BR1.PSK1.Alter.Net (  -23.992 ms  89.323 ms 
-4.135 ms
 7 (  164.087 ms  -4.895 ms 
-82.539 ms
 8 (  -0.704 ms  -93.901 ms
 39.520 ms
enroute to but I'd rather eat supper than wait for the
trace to crawl all the way there...

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