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Daniel Reed djr at
Mon Nov 17 22:16:56 UTC 1997

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Adrian Chadd wrote:
) Ever since I subscribed to the list, I started to get spam. Which is
) strange, this email accounts gets (a) staff email, (b) nanog email.
) So a bit of snooping showed me that anyone can send the "who nanog" (or
) "which nanog", I cant remember which one, I just sent both :-) command
) to nanog at and lo and behold, the subscriber list came back.
) So I'm asking the list admins to please disable the command, so spammers
) can't just grab a user list.. and also, for people who run large email
) lists, to consider doing the same.
I've received several pieces of UCE that, when looking at the headers (via
the h command in pine), appeared to be getting at me via this mailing
list. One of them, sent just yesterday or the day before, was relayed to via, but's mail transport agent didn't log the
IP or true hostmask of the site it got the message from. So, I contacted
postmaster at and that person replied saying they had contacted the
appropriate persons in regards to fixing it.
To finish this, I think mayhaps it's a problem simply of having the list
propogate UCE itself, not of having spammers getting the list recipients.

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