AGIS Signing up New Spammers

Phil Lawlor phil at
Fri Nov 14 23:28:35 UTC 1997

At 05:36 PM 11/14/97 -0500, Jon Lewis wrote:
>Didn't Phil just say you guys were cutting off all the bulk mailers, or
>are there ways to spam through AGIS leased lines without violating the AUP
>(which I've not yet read)?

AGIS has not knowingly signed up any new spammers.  Our sales people now
qualify new sales as *not* being spammers.  We only have to worry about
existing customers becoming spammers, and new customers lying about there
business before we hook them up.  If somebody is somehow able to send bulk
email (not spam) without complaints (i.e. opt-in, etc.), then they can
email all they want.  If we receive complaints at abuse at, then we
take appropriate action. 

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