Well done Sprint!

Henry Kilmer hank at rem.com
Fri Nov 14 20:50:35 UTC 1997

>From my experience, I have yet to see it give realistic numbers on OC3
and OC12 circuits.

Ex-Support Wench writes:
>What do y'all think of pathchar *as it is now*?  How reliable is it for
>determining actual _available bandwidth_?  I thought according to VJ,
>CAIDA, Cisco and even the NSF it was "way-alpha"? 
>Steve Blair wrote:
>>well, one could get Van Jacobson's pathchar, and learn the
>>true capacity that way. I could care less what *theoretical
>>bandwidth* is available, when customers complain. I want to
>>know what bandwidth *is available*, and pathchar goes a very
>>long way towards that end.

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