Well done Sprint!

Vadim Antonov avg at pluris.com
Thu Nov 13 23:03:08 UTC 1997

Scott Huddle wrote:
> Which is just *too* bad, as we were able to glean marketing stats
> about their network while they had this information ;)
> > > Wee after only about a year Sprint have lost the "/"'s!
Thank you for making Internet a bit more paranoid place, Scott.

Next thing to follow:  disabled traceroutes.  You know, you
can find quite a lot of interesting stuff by looking at the
network topology.  And that terrible IP RR option!

There's no use in promoting corporate paranoia at the expense of
engineering cooperation.  It is like butcheing the hen which lays
the golden eggs.  Knowing link capacity was useful (while it lasted)
to get the idea of what is more likely to be dropping packets
on the floor when customers complained.

But, then, i may be getting sentimental.


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