Potentially dangerous Pentium bug disc

Michael McArthur mcarthur at ans.net
Wed Nov 12 16:05:57 UTC 1997

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Michael 'Moose' Dinn wrote:

> > 	Does anybody know if this affects the Cyrix and AMD "Pentium
> > Clone" chips?
> > 
> It certainly affects the Cyrix - both P166+ and P200+. Don't know about the
> Cyrix MX and the AMD tho.
> > -- 

	That's the problem -- it isn't a "bug", just an exploitable
instruction set that Cyrix, AMD, et al have been faithfully copying.

	For that matter, the 486 instruction set is a subset of the
Pentium instruction set.  Does this affect the 486/386 etc..?

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