MCI Accepts Worldcom's Bid?

Danny McPherson danny at
Mon Nov 10 23:25:46 UTC 1997

> With this merger, approximately 80% of the Internet will now be controlled
> by Wcom or it's companys.. wondering when an anti-trust suit will be
> filed..

80%.  Another statistic ;-)

Do folks really think integrating three networks of that size would be in 
Worldcom's best interest?  All three networks are already faced with IGP 
scaling issues, tripling the size would certainly cripple them.  Besides, what 
would be to gain from it?  MCI owns their fiber, UUNet owns their fiber, ANS 
.. Worldcom/MCI owns fiber.

Perhaps a few more direct interconnects between the three networks could be 
referred to as integration.  Of course .. now others can't scream conspiracy 


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