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Wayne Bouchard web at
Mon Nov 10 21:29:40 UTC 1997

> Pessimist Nathan?  I seems to me that it would be out of character for 
> Worldcom to integrate MCI.  They didn't with MFS, ANS or UUNet.  Different 
> market targets?

ANS just happened a little while ago so theres not really been much
time for wide scale integration. As for MFS and UUNet, well I tend to
think that UUNet pretty well had to stand on its own when worldcomm
picked them up. (How do you integrate an internet company with a
telco? easiest just to let them be a branch off the telco.) As for
MFS, they become the "local" portion of worldcomm.

>From my perspective, with the original combination of
worldcomm/mfs/uunet, there were three very logical divisions. The
biggest hole is the sales and etc not being merged propperly (causing
lots of headaches for lots of people.) I suspect there will be a much
greater effort to merge ANS with UUNet and, once thats more or less
complete MCI's network will get sucked into the result. (I think it
may be easier for uunet and ans to become joined than it will be for
ans and mci.)

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