MCI Accepts Worldcom's Bid? ; charset=us-ascii

Nathan Stratton nathan at
Mon Nov 10 22:06:32 UTC 1997

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Steve Carter wrote:

> Pessimist Nathan?  I seems to me that it would be out of character for 
> Worldcom to integrate MCI.  They didn't with MFS, ANS or UUNet.  Different 
> market targets?
> -Steve.

I don't think so. They may try different target markets, but the cost
savings of merging the internet networks is very big. Yes it is a good
idea to make MFS and UUNet separate divisions, because they work better
that way. I think you will see MFS + Brooks as one unit and UUNet + ANS +
internetMCI as one unit. 

P.S. In that last messages I said that internetMCI was using Stratacom,
they are actually using Fore.


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