MCI Accepts Worldcom's Bid? ; charset=us-ascii

Steve Carter steve at
Mon Nov 10 20:56:04 UTC 1997

> On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Karl Denninger wrote:
> > Frankly, this could be a *good* thing for the industry.  Among other things
> > large organizations have a habit and history of being unable to perceive
> > and act on market-based changes quickly enough to capitalize on them.  
> > 
> > They tend to act like 900lb Gorillas instead, which is great if you're into
> > slow, plodding things, and not so good if you aren't fast enough to get
> > stepped on.  But eventually, stepping on people draws the fire of people 
> > on the DOJ side of the fence.
> I agree, I think this is a good thing for many NSPs. It is going to be a
> HUGE job to combine UUNET, ANS, and Internet MCI. They have huge hardware
> differences. ANS with the new BAY BCN hardware that they spent a large
> time developing, MCI with their large Stratacom network, and UUNet with
> their new Fore network. They all connect customers in a different way, it
> will take some time to bring all of that together. There will be major
> outages and problems associated with this merger. It will be a big change
> for other backbone providers to come in a take some of their customers
> base. It also will be easier to watch 1 big gorilla then 3 smaller ones. 
> -Nathan

Pessimist Nathan?  I seems to me that it would be out of character for 
Worldcom to integrate MCI.  They didn't with MFS, ANS or UUNet.  Different 
market targets?


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