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Sun Nov 9 14:54:35 UTC 1997


All this talk about IPv8.  A liitle background check says that v8 is
already spoken for.  Jim needs to
get a real number if he wants to go through with his charade.  Sorry for
continuing this, put it's time
this stuff was at least acknowledged as bogus to the core.



In the Internet Protocol (IP) [RFC791] there is a field to identify
the version of the internetwork general protocol.  This field is 4
bits in size.

Assigned Internet Version Numbers

Decimal   Keyword    Version                            References
-------   -------    -------                            ----------
    0                Reserved                                [JBP]
  1-3                Unassigned                              [JBP]
    4       IP       Internet Protocol                [RFC791,JBP]
    5       ST       ST Datagram Mode                [RFC1190,JWF]
    6       IPv6     Internet Protocol version 6         [Deering]
    7       TP/IX    TP/IX: The Next Internet                [RXU]
    8       PIP      The P Internet Protocol                 [PXF]
    9       TUBA     TUBA                                    [RXC]
10-14                Unassigned                              [JBP]
   15                Reserved                                [JBP]


[RFC791] Postel, J., ed., "Internet Protocol - DARPA Internet Program
         Protocol Specification", STD 5, RFC 791, USC/Information
         Sciences Institute, September 1981.

[RFC1190] Topolcic, C., Editor, "Experimental Internet Stream
          Protocol, Version 2 (ST-II)", RFC 1190, CIP Working Group,
          October 1990.


[JPB] Jon Postel <postel at isi.edu>

[JWF] Jim Forgie <FORGIE at XN.LL.MIT.ED>

[RH6] Robert Hinden <Hinden at ENG.SUN.COM>

[RXU] Robert Ullmann <ariel at world.std.com>

[PXF] Paul Francis <francis at cactus.ntt.jp>

[RXC] Ross Callon <callon at wellfleet.com>

[Deering] Steve Deering, <deering at parc.xerox.com>, March 1995.


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