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On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Howard C. Berkowitz wrote:

> I've posted an Internet Draft intended to help clarify some confusing
> alternatives that CID students often ask. Discussions on the NANOG mailing
> list, as well as my student questions, suggested to me there might be a
> need for a tutorial at a different level of abstraction than the specific
> technique discussions that are available.
> It's not intended to show how, for example, to do BGP multihoming. It's
> intended to help someone, especially an end user organization, decide what
> the problem is they are trying to solve.  Once they know that, the next
> step will be selecting DNS-based methods, and/or routing-based methods
> using BGP or IGPs. Comments very welcome, especially in the DNS area.
> My plan is to submit this to the IDR WG at the IETF in December, but it's
> an individual contribution at this point.
>                   To Be Multihomed: Requirements & Definitions
>                       draft-berkowitz-multirqmt-00.txt
> You can FTP or HTTP it from:
> 2. Abstract
> As organizations find their Internet connectivity increasingly critical
> to their mission, they seek ways of making that connectivity more
> robust.  The term ''multi-homing'' often is used to describe means of
> fault-tolerant connection.  Unfortunately, this term covers a variety of
> mechanisms, including naming/directory services, routing, and physical
> connectivity.  This memorandum presents a systematic way to define the
> requirement for resilience, and a taxonomy for describing mechanisms to
> achieve it.  Multiple mechanisms may be appropriate for specific
> situations, including DNS, BGP, etc.

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