IPv8 < IPv6

Richard Irving rirving at onecall.net
Thu Nov 6 21:21:05 UTC 1997

Paul Ferguson wrote:
> At 02:19 PM 11/6/97 -0500, Alan Hannan wrote:
> >
> >  Accordingly, not allocating in a geographic fashion lends to
> >  deaggregation, which is bad.
> >
> Correction: Not allocating in a topological fashion lends to
> deaggregation. Geography often has nothing to do with it.
> - paul

     We are talking the *world* here, geography is actually important,
as well as topology.
It is a combination of geography *in conjunction* with topology. 

   I have a neighbor that is only about 2 miles away, however, a trace
runs to chicago
and back. On the other hand, I have a neighbor, where the next hop is

  It takes a synergistic build , using *both* these metrics. 

   My two cents...

   PS. Keep the change. ;)

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