IPv8 < IPv6

Jim Fleming JimFleming at doorstep.unety.net
Thu Nov 6 16:16:56 UTC 1997

Thanks for the responses to my IPv8 note.

In case people missed the point, IPv8 addresses
are smaller than IPv6. Here are the sizes.

IPv4 - 32 bits
IPv6 - 128 bits
IPv8 - 43 bits (3+8+32)

There is a natural routing hierarchy with IPv8
addressing....8 regions, 256 distribution centers
in each region and full 32 bit Internets from there.
IPv8 addresses can fit inside the IPv6 address fields.


Now...back to the point...NANOG people have the opportunity
to help the Internet Community with Address Management
and Governance. The specific protocol header is not nearly
as critical as a coherent addressing plan that takes routing
into consideration and quality of service.

I suggest that people learn to manage 43 bit addresses
before they try to deal with 128 bit addresses. It does little
good to have huge addresses if people can not route packets
from A to B because the Address Management is chaotic.
NANOG people can help to bring order to the chaos that
larger addresses can bring.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation
IBC, Tortola, BVI

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