moving to IPv6

Sean M. Doran smd at
Mon Nov 3 16:38:32 UTC 1997

Alex Bligh <amb at> writes:

> Sean seems to predicts death of end to end
> network layer addressing. How about the
> death of end to end internet? Instead
> run with a core of IPv4 numbered routers
> and application layer gateways. Run everything
> else in private address space.
> has pleny of room.

Alex has followed things closely and has just moved back
into the realm of the smart ALG, which is another of my
favourite topics.

As his message is something I cannot really improve upon,
let me just say that I completely agree that for many
protocols, his end is a good one, and has the benefit not
only of conserving IP addresses to the point that IPv4ever
looks likely but also reducing unecessary duplicate

The one clarification, though, is that running everything
in private address space does not imply the end of
end-to-end Internetworking; it is dropping in smart ALGs that
means the death of the inefficient end-to-end nature of
several popular protocols.


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