ARIN is *NOT* A Good Thing

NetSurfer netsurf at
Mon Mar 31 06:27:48 UTC 1997

Earlier I was chastised for stating unfounded rumor about fees of up to
$20,000/year yet a similar fee structure for new registrations/services
from ARIN is being proposed.   Just wanted to point out that I wasn't
referencing unfounded rumor but rather a reference that needed qualified
i.e. allocation services for organizations requesting address space
directly from ARIN.  

From: David R. Conrad <davidc at>

>Proposed charging up to $20,000 for IP addresses - more unsubstantiated


Would you *please* read the proposal
(, might also be helpful).  If you had you
see that the fee is for allocation _services_ and only applicable to
organizations requesting address space _directly_ from ARIN.

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