ARIN is not/is too/is not/is too... blah.

Wayne D. Correia wayne at
Mon Mar 31 02:44:38 UTC 1997

At 11:09 AM -0800 3/29/97, Michael Dillon wrote:
>This will not happen unless you lie to ARIN and forge documents to back up
>your lies. If this did happen, not only would your criminal behavior be
>made public but I would urge the FBI to lay charges against you. If the
>FBI would not do this I would urge ISOC and EFF to file a civil suit
>against you. I suspect the FTC would also have some interest if you are
>selling IP addresses which you do not own since IP addresses are not
>things which you buy, they are also not things which you can sell.

Excuse me? EFF?

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