ARIN is *NOT* A Good Thing

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Proposed charging up to $20,000 for IP addresses - more unsubstantiated

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	For the sake of discussion, this is the following fee structure
	that has been proposed by ARIN (see the ARIN proposal page at

	Small	$2500/year	/24 - /19 
	Medium	$5000/year	>/19 - /16 
	Large	$10K/year	>/16 - /14
	X-Large	$20K/year	>/14

	Fees are based on your total allocation for the previous year,
	plus another $1,000 per year to maintain membership in ARIN.
	It is safe to say that any ISP able to receive address blocks
	falls somewhere between Medium and X-Large on this chart.


As for an IANA Statement on the subject:


IANA Statement on ARIN (1/14/97)

The Internet Assigned Nunbers Authority (IANA) views the move by Network
Solutions to promote the creation of the American Registry for Internet
Numbers (ARIN) as a non-profit, self-supporting, independent operation as a
very positive step and fully supports the general concept. 


Jon Postel
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority


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