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Mike Gaddis mikeg at
Sun Mar 30 16:38:24 UTC 1997

Dirk Harms-Merbitz wrote:

  I agree, there is a need for long-haul providers. But they also
  don't have
  to be that big. 20-30 people companies with an annual gross of, say
  million, would probably do it. All they need is a T3/OC3/OC12 nation
  mesh which is expensive, but not that expensive. Plus peering

  Try selling a third T3 to a local ISP with 100 T1 clients and two
  T3s to
  larger networks. The local ISP will most likely talk about pricing
  how hop-counts can be reduced for his customers. Pricing being the
  important factor at this point.


Rest of thread deleted...


You are showing a lack of knowledge about the real costs of long haul
networking.  Economies of scale do not even begin to come into play
until the revenue
hits $50 million or so given the need for a network that is not sparsely
connected or
under provisoned in the backbone.  This is the reality.  There is a
definitive place for the "big boys"
as transit aggregators of bandwidth.  Without them our collective costs
would skyrocket.

Mike Gaddis
Savvis Communications

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