ARIN is A Good Thing

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Sun Mar 30 04:43:31 UTC 1997

AFAIK, SAIC does not publish financial results for its subsidiaries, nor do 
those subsidiaries publish breakdowns of the finances of specific projects. 
 It is possible to determine the rough amount of revenues received for 
domain registrations by looking at the number of new domains registered and 
total domains being administered, and also by looking at was been accrued 
into the infrastructure account.  The last semingly credible number I read 
put the DNS *revenues* at less than half what has been quoted as *profits*. 
Jim Browning

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What are the actual numbers?


On Sat, 29 Mar 1997, Jim Browning wrote:

> >From:  Ehud Gavron[SMTP:GAVRON at ACES.COM]
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> >
> >	IF DNS pays for IP and the InterNIC made $60M profit DESPITE
> >	also doing IP, then clearly DNS fees are too high.
> >
> >	IF ARIN means that IP pays for IP and the DNS funds are unfettered,
> >	then that $60M profit (in one year) would be much more than $60M.
> As has been pointed out, the numbers you are quoting are fictitious..
> --
> Jim Browning

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