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> Could we have 4000 10 people companies provide Internet connectivity to
> the majority of US business within a couple of years? At $80-200/month for
> a T1? This is what "they" are trying to avoid/slow down. 

I am not sure how you can come to thus conclusion. Where do you think
the 4000 10 person businesses are getting their connectivity from? I do
not see them forming their own connectivity to each other. There is a
need for large providers as well, and they need your business.


> Seems that the Internet turns some things on its head. Like the need to
> have large corporations for providing large scale Internet services.
> According to Boardwatch magazine, about 4000 2-10 people ISPs are
> providing Internet services to the majority of the US. ATT, Sprint and so
> on can't make money at it but it sure is a great way for a technical
> person to make $100K/year from with a T1 in a living room.
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