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Jonathan Heiliger loco at
Sat Mar 29 22:27:04 UTC 1997

i apologize for further increasing the S/N of this list.. but I believe
the 'naipr at' list was created to focus on ARIN discussions, among
other things.  as we all know, NANOG's charter is defined in murky terms,
but why continue a retorical debate on two lists? 



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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 97 14:12 PST
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Subject: Re: ARINANOG

Jim raises an extremely good point.

Why not start ARIN off by giving it a /8 to work with and see how well
it will actually work?

Lets face it, there is only ONE /0, and giving that to ARIN might not
be a good idea if it doesn't work right. By giving them a /8, they
will have to compete with other ways of assigning IP addresses, and
demonstrate that they actually can work.

Just like a would-be ISP has to start with a /24 and work up...


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