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On Sat, 29 Mar 1997, Michael Dillon wrote:

> This will not happen unless you lie to ARIN and forge documents to back up
> your lies. If this did happen, not only would your criminal behavior be
> made public but I would urge the FBI to lay charges against you. If the
> FBI would not do this I would urge ISOC and EFF to file a civil suit
> against you. I suspect the FTC would also have some interest if you are
> selling IP addresses which you do not own since IP addresses are not
> things which you buy, they are also not things which you can sell.

Michael I know you are a bright guy. I've run into you in enough mailing
lists. You are making some big assumtions here:

a) That the offending company will be in the US.
b) That people wont lie to ARIN (people are lying InterNIC now, surely
   they will lie to ARIN).
c) That I (we?) dont like the ARIN proposal.

   I for one like the idea of ARIN. It's the pricing structure that is
compleatly wrong. The structure will create a market for companies to
"lease" large quantities for address space from ARIN, and then "sublease"
them cheaper than ARIN it self. You may claim you can not sell address
space but we have all seen it happen.

   As a capitalist you must also know that if you leave the oporunity for
such a market to exists even if ARIN does not intended to happen that way,
it will appear. You cannot control market forces. Where there is an
opportunity there will always be someone to exploit it. Not me, not you,
but someone.

> I don't understand why so many people want to push these ideas to reductio
> ad absurdum. We all rely on a cooperative network in order to support our
> businesses. Without a cooperative network there is no industry and we
> would all be out of work. Why can you not see that ARIN is just another
> form of cooperation in keeping the network running smoothly so that we can
> all get on with business. As the network gets bigger there are more and
> more activities that it makes sense to carve out and run autonomously.

   To reiterate: I'am all for ARIN, but their pricing structure is

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