Anti-SPAM announcement from AT&T Worldnet

Reid Fishler redhead at
Sat Mar 29 04:00:40 UTC 1997

While we are discussing AT&T Worldnet, does anyone LOOK at mail to abuse?
I personally emailed this address, along with root and postmaster over three
months ago, and I know of at least 4 others who did the same, and got no
response. In fact, I believe 2 of the addresses bounced...And when BBN
(transit provider) was called, they refused to do anything about it...
Reid Fishler
Lightning Internet Services, LLC

> AT&T Worldnet announces that starting Monday, March 31 1997,
> it will be taking action to stop email from non-AT&T Worldnet
> account holders being relayed through its servers.
> We have reserved the right to treat such mail any way we deem appropriate,
> which may include deleting it without notification to the originator.
> Please address any questions about this policy to abuse at

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