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Jim Fleming JimFleming at unety.net
Thu Mar 27 01:11:33 UTC 1997

On Wednesday, March 26, 1997 6:58 PM, Vadim Antonov[SMTP:avg at pluris.com] wrote:
@ I want to register TLD .XXX with eDNS.  What should i do
@ about it?

If you want to start a new Top Level Domain, you
might want to review http://www.edns.net. For the
eDNS system, you will need to contact one of the
5 (last count) Registration Authorities. The eDNS
Root Name Server operators get their direction from
the RAs.

If you want to register in the .XXX Top Level Domain
then you need to visit the registry just as you would
with the InterNIC. Here are some of the operational

@@@@@  http://www.alternic.net/domains/quick_form/

	.LNX - Linux Systems
	.LTD - Limited
	.MED - Medical
	.NIC - Network Information Center
	.XXX - Adult

@@@@@  http://www.mcs.net/nic/domain-register.html

	.CORP - For Corporations (Commercial)
	.NPO - Not-for-Profit Organizations
	.K12 - For people under the age of 18
	.BIZ - General Business Use

@@@@@  http://webtld.com/

	.WEB - Web Sites

@@@@@  http://www.agn.net/EARTH-DOMAIN.html

	.EARTH - General

@@@@@  http://www.agn.net/USA-DOMAIN.html

	.USA - General

@@@@@  http://www.higgs.net/hanic/reg/

	.NEWS - News services, etc.

@@@@@ http://www.iperdome.com/rpdn.htm

	.PER  -  Personal Domain Names


By the way, some of the registries such as
http://Register.A.Mall and the .CORP registry
are developing "channel partner" marketing programs
so that you can share in the revenue, thus making the
TLD effectively shared even though one company has
to handle the key entry of the names and ensure the
inegrity of the data.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

Check out...http://Register.A.Mall

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