FYI: BBN/MCI Peering Change 3/31/97

Jim Browning jfbb at
Sat Mar 22 19:05:09 UTC 1997

>From:  Dave Curado[SMTP:davec at]
>Sent:  Tuesday, March 18, 1997 2:15 AM
>My intention, by the way, is not to simply pick nits over a posting.
>I have heard in the past that there is at least one major provider
>who sells transit through the naps.  Regardless of whether that is
>an OK thing to do or not, I am sincerely interested in knowing if
>that is true.

There are two different flavors of this:

A.	Providing transit over the NAP fabric (ATM or FDDI)
B.	Providing transit via a private interconnect which happens to be at a 
NAP facility.

You should speak to each provider yourself, with an awareness that this 
approach is avoided because of the fact that getting traffic both through 
and _away from_ the exchanges is a serious concern of providers carrying a 
lot of traffic.  This problem is exacerbated if transit connections are 
accepted at the exchange points.

There may a time when "Purchased Peering" becomes the chosen approach for 
what you are seeking...

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