Domain Rant.

Joe McDonald joe at
Sat Mar 22 02:19:19 UTC 1997

Please, Please!  I have five domains that I have already paid for put on
hold (or about to be put on hold in the next few days), I also have a
zillion "Invoice" notices cc'd to us from internic sent to customers that I
*know* have paid.  Since we paid by credit card, I'm sure that we're going
to have to pay them *again* (at least one domain has already been paid
twice, this'll be the 3rd payment we have to make becuase internic can't
find a record that we paid, and our CC bill doesn't have the name of the
domain on it.)

It's just gross incompetence, and at this point I don't have much choice
but to throw the internic more of my money.


On Fri, 21 Mar 1997 09:34:32 -0800, Paul A Vixie <paul at> spaketh:

>> I think it is time ISPs take the matter in their hands.  I.e. let ISPs
>> to perform registrations.  Root serer operators can ensure uniqueness
>> just fine.
>this is definitely where we are headed if the IAHC proposal stalls.  i'm
>already in contact with some of the larger ISPs about this subject.

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