root-server envy, racketeering, and black helicopters.

Hong Chen hchen at
Fri Mar 21 20:28:51 UTC 1997

> What the hell is going on here? It's wacky!
> I've really enjoyed reading about subjects that I assumed I would find on
> this list: BGP and flapping, technical discussion of spam management,
> network management tools, and network outages, etc.

Wayne, I do agree with you that the discussion should not be off the 
base too much, however, holding off an domain names of large ISPs
cause the Network Outages, which are the discussions of this group.

What are the technical solutions to bring the domain name back 
immediately, instead of waiting for Monday/Wed/Friday 5:00pm updates.
To us as Network Operators, Internic is considered as our super network
operator (anyone disagree with this?), as they have the power
to shut down any ISP down any minute. We have 24x7 centers, 
shouldn't Internic have the similar one?

2 to 3 days unreachable domain names are serious Network Outages
we NANOG members should look into.


> As the Interenet grows, so, it seems, do my filtering rules.. I just didn't
> think I'd have to apply filters to a list with a subjectlike this.
> I guess I was wrong? :-)
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