Domain Rant

Vadim Antonov avg at
Fri Mar 21 19:57:43 UTC 1997

I do not think the domain issue is beyond the scope of NANOG.
In fact, w/o working DNS the value of services provided by N.A.N.Operators
is zero.  In other words, the domain insanity reached the level where
it starts to impact the business of ISPs materially.

In other words, it is in the interest of ISPs to step in and inject some
sanity into how that vital part of infrastructure is being run.

ISPs is the only party in the debate which actually has resources and
enough business sense to make it a workable setup.  I strongly suspect that
"expert groups" and "engineering task forces" have already demonstrated
their unability to fix the problem.

Now, to me it looks like CIDR movie rerun.


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