root-server envy, racketeering, and black helicopters.

Wayne D. Correia wayne at
Fri Mar 21 18:59:50 UTC 1997

I've been on NANOG list since the day of NANOG 9. I subscribed to hopefully
learn about current network operations issues and related software and
hardware technologies. I got the impression that this was a professional
trade mailing list.

Then the messages started coming...

So, here I am, reading messages about One World Government black helicopter
teams who conspire to control network registries, from groups of ignored
and (appropriately unempowered) people who seem to have root-server-envy,
now I've read about how RICO laws are inferred to about to be applied to
domain name registration.

What the hell is going on here? It's wacky!

I've really enjoyed reading about subjects that I assumed I would find on
this list: BGP and flapping, technical discussion of spam management,
network management tools, and network outages, etc.

As the Interenet grows, so, it seems, do my filtering rules. I just didn't
think I'd have to apply filters to a list with a subjectlike this.

I guess I was wrong? :-)

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