Domain Rant.

Philip J. Nesser II pjnesser at
Fri Mar 21 18:47:29 UTC 1997

Paul A Vixie supposedly said:
> > Someone else said:
> > It is quite possible for everyone to maintain ".". Then, there would be no
> > need for root domain servers; HOWEVER, this would take massive cooperation
> > throughout the industy, which will never happen. 
> I said "one authority".  That means "one definition of its content".  Sure,
> if everybody in the industry could agree on all changes, even minor little
> "add an NS" or "change an NS" changes, then they could all run "." as primary
> masters.  But there would still be only one authority.

I have an excellent idea.  If we can all work together like this, why don't
we just put all the hostnames and IP addresses, and all sorts of other info
in a flat file that people could get off of a common ftp (or web) site.  We
could call such a file HOSTS.TXT.  I think it could work...


--->  Phil

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