Domain Rant.

Karl Denninger karl at Mcs.Net
Fri Mar 21 18:14:28 UTC 1997

On Fri, Mar 21, 1997 at 12:51:40PM -0500, Steve Kann wrote:
> > Boiled down: You pay again.
> > 
> > What was that difference again?
> > 
> > I know you're good at trying to avoid facts, but this is rediculous!
> Cute, but we both know that you are avoiding the point.

On the contrary.

> Here's the point, in three sentences:
> a. There is very little than can be done about companies providing
> substandard service, or even screwing you over, when they have a
> monopolistic stranglehold on you.  

Which you choose freely when you sign for that domain name.  Remember, there
is no restriction on business models.  In fact, the IAHC model is welcome
under eDNS and they have been officially notified and asked to sign the

> b. In your "eDNS" model, registrars have this stranglehold on you, because
> you you cannot switch to the services of a newer (better) registrar
> without having to also change domain names.  

What if the cost is 5% of what the IAHC registrar's "best bid" is?  10%?
50%?  Who are you to make that choice for others?

> c. With the IAHC plan, if a registrar is providing unsatisfactory service,
> you can switch registrars, while keeping the same domain name.

Again, if that model is superior, and really worth the expense, whatever it
is, then it wins on its own.

It is UNNECESSARY to mandate the model - unless, of course, you don't really
believe it will win in the free market, in which case you're not only a
dictator, you're a hypocrite as well.

What's necessary is preventing the elimination of free market selection.

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