Fwd: master "spam remove" list?

Steve Kann stevek at io360.com
Fri Mar 21 18:14:04 UTC 1997

Vince Fuller writes:
> Has anyone else received this? Is it legit or is it yet another dishonest
> attempt by spammers to improve the quality of their mailing lists? I very
> much suspect the former as I doubt that spammers pay much attention to
> "remove" lists.

Seems to me that the spammers might hage caught on to the "GOOD TIMES"
vehicle of e-mail distribution.  It's easier and more effective to get
users to spam each other than it is to spam the users directly.
Firstly, it gets through most filtering schemes (except for body-content
filtering).  Secondly it would get better readership, since it ends up
with a "friends" e-mail address in the "From:" header, and thirdly, it
is cheap.  Social Engineering attacks at their ugliest.

My guess is (and I have no substantiation for this at all), is that they
are going to compile a great big list of users from the replies to the
"REMOVE" list, and then try to sell it to every spammer who's mail is
forwarded to the "Blacklist".  Of course, this particular effort may be
legitimate, but it would be an interesting next step for the spammers.

[ let's move this to spam-list at psc.edu ]


> Dear Sir/Madam,
> Your email address is on many spammers' lists.
> That is why you received so much junk email lately.
> Most of the spammers will stop sending you junk email
> if you ask them to remove your email address from their lists.
> But the problem is that there are too many spammers.
> The spammers are not supposed to send you junk email in the first place.
> Why do you even have to spend your time to reply?
> We are compiling a REMOVE list.  It is much faster for the spammers
> to remove your email address if we send them the list because most
> of the spammers use automated software.
> To add your name to the REMOVE list, simply reply to this email. 
> You do not have to write anything. It is FREE!
> We are also compiling a blacklist of spammers. If you receive junk email
> from someone, please forward the original message to list at netchem.com.
> Please do not use spammers to advertise your product on the Internet.
> It is not easy to send out 1 million email. The spammer will take your
> money and disappear. 
> To avoid further spamming, we send out this message only to limited number 
> of users. Please forward this email to your friends if you think it is
> useful to them. 
> -------------------------------------------------
> Jerry Wang, PhD, Chemechanics, Inc.					 
> http://www.netchem.com, mailto:jerryw at netchem.com 
> -------------------------------------------------

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