Domain Rant. [re: should be in iahc list if it existed]

Paul A Vixie paul at
Fri Mar 21 18:12:35 UTC 1997

> It's not bad enough that Mr. Postel throws out an RFC process mid stream 
> and assumes god mode. Now you are pulling authority out of the air 
> aswell? Guys if you want your god mode, play by the rules that you set 
> down or go change those rules first! This "group of 7" b.s. is wearing 
> very thin and you're only going to find more business consumers of the 
> net legally dragging you across the carpet for it.

Go ahead, drag me.  But I'm not willing to let "." turn into babel, and if
the IAHC process stalls, I will ask the large ISP's to take direct control.

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