Domain Rant.

Perry E. Metzger perry at
Fri Mar 21 17:15:00 UTC 1997

Karl Denninger writes:
> Mr. Crocker, I really wish you'd stop posting material that just is not true
> and that you *know* is in fact false.
> eDNS enables *all* business models for registration of TLDs and SLDs.  

The eDNS enables nothing because it isn't real. Its the creation of a
group of self-appointed people and has nothing to do with the root
name servers used by over 99% of the people on the internet no matter
how many press releases you put out. Almost no one uses your "domain
name system" so it doesn't matter.

The eDNS is not taken seriously by most people other than reporters
starved for material for articles. It isn't like its useable.

Heck, by your model, next week I could set up the "pDNS" and put out
dozens of press releases and pretend that I had an "alternative DNS"
in place. Of course, my fantasy would have nothing to do with the real
world, and neither, I will point out, does yours.


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