Domain Rant.

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Fri Mar 21 05:35:45 UTC 1997

On Thu, 20 Mar 1997, Vadim Antonov wrote:

> So far, that sounds like nice basis for a class action lawsuit.
> Imagine a land title company throwing away records just because they
> lost a payment receipt.  That's what InterNIC is doing.
> My experience with InterNIC was that i managed to get hold of
> actual person, and got assurances that everything's ok.  Then
> i see nothing happened in the database, so i call again, and they
> tell the information "is not there yet".  Now, i go to the automatic
> system and make a card payment -- the system gives back authorization
> code, etc.  Guess what.  It still says the domain registration is not paid.
> I think it is time ISPs take the matter in their hands.  I.e. let ISPs
> to perform registrations.  Root serer operators can ensure uniqueness
> just fine.

Or endorse the IAHC proposal which removes the NSI monopoly, and adds
global competition in the way of registrars.  See for
details.  eDNS jsut creates many monopolies and becomes a first come first
serve land grab with thousands and perhaps millions of TLDs that would
have to be monitored by trademark lawyers.  

> --vadim

Hank Nussbacher

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