Domain Rant.

Dave Crocker dcrocker at
Fri Mar 21 04:30:52 UTC 1997

At 7:15 PM -0800 3/20/97, Karl Denninger wrote:
>> 	you are setting up additional monopolies.  monopolies over critical
>> profits.  you want to allow that.  the iahc doen't.
>Mr. Crocker, I really wish you'd stop posting material that just is not true
>and that you *know* is in fact false.

	Karl, first of all, just because you are pissed at me is no reason
to revert to artificial formality.  We've always called each other by first
names and there's no reason to stop now.

	Second of all, you need to re-read the above statement to which you
took exception.

>eDNS enables *all* business models for registration of TLDs and SLDs.

	as I said, it sets up monopolies.  the fact that you demure from
prohibiting or requiring them does not make the above false, since it DOES
mean that you permit them.  Oh gee.  Do we think that folks will take
advantage of this opportunity you are providing them to gain exclusive
control?  Gosh, I wonder...

>by them.  As an example,, which Paul Vixie has in his
>control, he has admitted was partially or fully paid for by NSI.
>Its tough to tell the person who pays the check every day "no".  Very, very

	Now, you see.  That's interesting, because I don't have any trouble
imagining Paul say no, even to someone who has been giving him money.  It
has to  do with the nature of the person.  That's been one of the hallmarks
of the Internet, the personal integrity of those put into positions of

	Why do you want to change that?

>My accountability is simple.  If I violate the process someone steps in and
>my single machine gets replaced with another.  I have no authority or control

	Let's see.  That means that you are offering the Root du Jour.  And
tomorrow, it may be someone else.  Personally, I rather have a system that
ensures rather more stability for the DNS root and TLD service than that.

>Nonsense.  The TLD namespace IS global.  There is nothing preventing non-US
>interests from registering TLDs, and in fact more than one has (proof positive
>that this statement is ALSO false).  There are currently registrars in
>and Japan -- pretty much opposite "ends" of the world.

	Well, since I've lost track of the number of "how dare you take
this outside the US" messages you've sent, your above declaration comes as
a bit of a surprise.


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