Domain Rant.

Dave Crocker dcrocker at
Fri Mar 21 02:37:42 UTC 1997

At 5:46 PM -0800 3/20/97, Karl Denninger wrote:
>What is it that you dislike about eDNS Paul?  I'd love to see some actual
>substantive criticism (as opposed to "IAHC is God") of the policy points.

	you've seen it, you just won't admit it.

	you are setting up additional monopolies.  monopolies over critical
resources are to be avoided wherever possible.  the problem for you, here,
of course, is that monopolies over critical resources can incur windfall
profits.  you want to allow that.  the iahc doen't.

	you are attempting to coopt an established administrative structure
that has worked well for 10 years, rather than to work contructively on its

	you are holding yourself beyond accountability

	you are pretending that the DNS gTLD space is a US resource rather
than one that is global.

	no doubt there are more substantive criticisms, but one grows weary
and the list is long enough.


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