Domain Rant.

Hong Chen hchen at
Fri Mar 21 00:15:12 UTC 1997

Yes, we have to do something about it. Recently, I have seen 
several large ISPs got affected by Internic. 

I know for sure that both and are
putting on hold, despite the fact that already 
paid and our check was cashed 2 days before they put us 
on hold. 

You just cannot imagine how many our customers are getting
affected. CRL, Aimnet, and Internex likes are major ISPs with
hundred and thousands of corporate customers using their 

George, we are fully behind you on this. 

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On Thu, 20 Mar 1997, George Herbert wrote:

> Whether or not InterNIC feels like putting people who haven't
> paid on hold, doing so to people who have paid is completely
> irresponsible.  Despite having cancelled check literally in hand,
> I'm on hold.  I got a notice 10 days ago and sent them a response
> that i had the cancelled check.  TODAY, they put me on hold and said 
> "sorry, we have no record of this, please send us the check
> date and details" rather than ask me that first and then
> put me on hold if I couldn't provide them.
> I will be lobbying to have InterNICs contract voided immediately
> for failure to keep proper records and act in a responsible
> manner with its fee operations if this goes on.  The "is registry
> something that is charged for" debate is one thing, but gross
> mismanagement is another.
> -george william herbert
> gherbert at

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