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Thu Mar 20 15:02:05 UTC 1997

On Thu, 20 Mar 1997, Michael Gibson wrote:

> > Go to Toronto, Canada then!  Summers are nice here.  It can be as warm
> > as the Sahara desert. :) 

Don't kid yourself. Toronto summers aren't any different from any other
Great Lakes city like Rochester, Buffalo, Ann Arbor. The Sahara is HOT and

> Agreed, Toronto would be the ideal location.

Here's what you do then. NANOG 13 will be held in June of 1998, right? 
Torontonians aren't afraid of lucky 13 are they? So dig up a sponsor
like Rogers Network Services who is willing to throw a bit of money into
the pot, get them to read so they have a
vague idea of what is needed and get them to send some email to
wbn at 

Make sure you do the planning on this with more lead time than traditional
NANOG meetings because, although Americans can just waltz through the
border anytime with merely a birth certificate, people who are not
American citizens may need to get a visa depending on their country of

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