Domain Rant.

Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Mar 20 05:07:56 UTC 1997

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997, Len Rose wrote:

> So.. how many people here have domains predating the NIC contracts, who
> politely objected to paying and got their domains put on hold this week?

One notably vocal opponent of domain name charges is hedging his bets or
so it seems. Whois shows that MCS.NET is OK but MCS.COM is on hold.

Seems to me that somebody has to pay for the service and I'd rather pay
for it myself rather than have the U.S. taxpayer foot the bill. Note that
I am NOT a U.S. taxpayer, not yet anyway. But that saying about no
taxation without representation cuts both ways. I'm quite happy to see the
tax money, and therefore the U.S. government, out of the loop. Some things
are just done better by private enterprise. You'll note that the closer we
get to the end of the NSI monopoly on .COM/.NET/.ORG domain names, the
better their service is getting to be.

Operationally speaking, I'd rather pay my money and be assured that the
service would work reliably and consistently.

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