FYI: BBN/MCI Peering Change 3/31/97

L. Sean Kennedy liam at
Mon Mar 17 21:46:41 UTC 1997

Just over two years ago BBN/NEARNET, BBN/BARRNet, and SURAnet (later 
BBN/SURAnet) independently selected MCI to provide Network Service Provider 
(NSP) transit services.  The transit agreement obligated BBN-owned 
regionals to use MCI for transit services.  Over the past two years BBN 
has migrated from this collection of semi-autonomous regional networks
to one nationwide infrastructure.  We have made minimal use of MCI 
transit services, using existing connections to MCI primarily to reach
MCI customers.

In light of this change and in order to provide improved connectivity
to their customers, BBN and MCI have agreed to replace the transit 
service agreement with a private peering agreement.  Cessation of the 
transit agreement is scheduled for 3/31/97.

The technical impact of this change is that MCI will no longer announce
BBN routes at the public interconnects, except to those providers who 
have purchased transit service from MCI.  Providers with significant
trans-national US infrastructure at DS3 or greater speeds who are reliant 
on MCI's announcement of AS1 prefixes are encouraged to pursue peering with 
BBN by contacting 'peering at' by 3/19/97.  Those providers
with a existing transit provider who peers with BBN should see no change in 
how they reach BBN customers (and should contact their transit provider with 
questions regarding its connectivity).  Existing peers of BBN will see no 
change in our announcements or routing.


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